Besides our key areas in organic synthesis, high-pressure processes, organic electronics, polymer additives, ligands & catalysts as well as non – GMP pharma intermediates, we have started to deeply evaluate new technology segments in the area of alternative energy generation and storage, optimized production processes and digitalization.

In order to stay fast and flexible, we are a strong supporter of open innovation initiatives and have set up a strong cooperation network with academia and spin offs of universities plus a strong connection to international research institutes.

Technology scouting

We are constantly looking for new technologies which can enable us to increase our productivity, improve our services or give us a competitive edge. As a platform for the WeylChem group of Companies, we are seeking complementary technologies or innovations in our respective chemistries.

On a longer view, we are also interested in investing in developing products and/or services for the future emerging markets.

You will probably stumble upon us at innovation workshops, technological seminars or tradeshows. Don't hesitate to have a chat with us!

Idea Submission

As an innovative partner to the industry and striving for continous improvement and adding value to our customers, we are open for any idea, concept or proposal for optimization. You are invited to share your expertise and ideas with us – based on our principles onf Innovating Chemistry Together, we will bring your idea on the next level.