Ralf Findeis

"In recent years, bioplastics have played an increasingly important role in green chemistry - an area in which our customer is also active. For several years now they have been working on the development of a completely bio-based polymer from sugar constituents. The innovative material is primarily intended for use in food packaging as an alternative to conventional plastics. Its greater resilience, lower weight, and many other advantages make the product appealing to the food and beverage industry, which is why its development is being financially supported by international manufacturers.

Our role in this project was to supply the customer with a polymer building block, which was to be characterized by a particularly high purity. Although the customer already had their own ideas for the purification at the time, the process would neither have been economically viable nor technically feasible in its form. 

The team succeeded in optimizing the customer's method in just a short time. And due to our extensive experience in upscaling chemical syntheses, we were able to provide the amount required for test purposes as requested. A further plus for the customer: One single contact person attended to all their needs in every phase of the project, which greatly simplified communication. This created a solid foundation of trust for the continued collaboration on implementing the future-oriented material."