Quality Control

Quality Control, Structure Determination and Method Development

Our BU Analytics supports product development from the laboratory to the pilot plant through commercial production. We are particularly experienced in the quality control of raw materials and finished products. Our expertise also includes the structure determination of unknown compounds and the development of analytical methods with subsequent validation.

The applied techniques include
  • Chromatography: liquid (HPLC, UPLC), ion (IC), thin layer (TLC), size exclusion (SEC) and gas chromatography (GC, including headspace) as well as GC-MS, GC-MS-MS, HPLC-MS and HPLC-MS-MS techniques.
  • Atomic spectrometry: atomic absorption, atomic emission (e. g. ICP-OES)
  • Molecular spectroscopy: NMR, UV/VIS, IR/NIR and mass spectrometry
  • Elemental analysis: C, H, N, O, S analyser, halogen, sulphur, phosphorus after combustion (Wickbold, Wurzschmitt, Sch√∂niger etc.)
  • Classical analysis: Volumetry, gravimetry, photometry, chemical characteristics, potentiometry, polarography
  • Physico-chemical parameters: e. g. viscosity, particle size distribution, surface tension