Process Development

WeylChem InnoTec has a strong business connection and interaction with the Process Development team at WeylChem Lamotte. Whenever it comes to specific solutions in reaction and process technology, the two teams cooperate closely together.

The Process Development team based in WeylChem Lamotte is an expert team for thermodynamic based separation and mini-plant experiments, covering extraction, rectification, as well as reaction design and simulation.

Through the combination of chemical engineering science, computational methods and mini plant technologies, we provide development of innovative and optimized processes. We also debottleneck or optimize existing processes with a strong focus on cost optimization.

Our prime tasks are
  • Reaction technologies (gas liq, fixed bed catalyst, nitric oxidation, continuous microwave reactors, and micro-reactors)
  • Separation technologies (selective liq liq extraction, thermal separation, crystallization continuous or batch, electrodialysis)
  • Reaction and separation integration (reactive distillation or stripping))
  • Experimental tools design (data acquisition, control system, key parameters, and recycling loops)
  • Process and kinetic modeling and simulation

The team delivers process design packages (technical data, economics, safety concept) and uses a dense network of technology screening in chemical engineering. Our interdisciplinary team consists of chemical engineers and highly educated lab technicians with lab chemistry, analytics or production plant experience. Lean sigma methodology is in place.

Day to day work is done in our chemical engineering laboratory equipped with automated kilo -scale pilots for reaction and separation (continuous or batch). We also use several software tools for data acquisition and control as well as for process modelling and simulation, kinetics and unit operations.