Peptide Products

Analysis of Peptide Products

As a competent analytical laboratory equipped with modern instruments and a profound expert knowledge, we are a reliable partner for the analysis of peptide and protein products. We offer a wide range of analytical methods and qualified equipment to provide solutions that work best for you requirements.

Analytical Services and test methods to determine complex peptide substances
  • In the development and validation of analytical methods
  • Determination of purity and assay (e. g. by elemental analysis of Nitrogen, HPLC-CAD, HPLC-MS)
  • Sequence analyses (chiral GC after hydrolysis and derivatization)
  • Stability studies (-20°C, 2-8°C, ICH conditions)
  • Water determination for low sample quantities (e. g. by thermo desorption GC)
  • Residual solvents by GC or headspace GC
  • Elemental impurities (e. g. ICP-OES, GF-AAS)
  • Counter ions (e. b. ion chromatography)
  • At your request under GLP or GMP standards.