Investigations in Accordance with GLP for Registrations of Biocides and Plant Protection Agents

In accordance with GLP standards, all physico-chemical tests necessary for the registration of new products are carried out in our dedicated test facility.

Analytical Services In accordance with GLP
  • Investigations required by the biocide directive
  • Analytical measurements for toxicological and ecotoxicological tests (e. g. analytical dose verification)
  • Preparation of certificates of analysis and measurement of spectra
  • Five-batch-analysis of active ingredients and formulations for plant protection (OECD, EPA guidelines, EU Directive 440/2008, CIPAC methods)
  • Method validations according to SANCO and Brazilian Guideline ABNT NBR 14029
  • Physico-chemical tests necessary for plant protection registrations (e. g. partition coefficient, water solubility, complex formation ability, dissociation constants, abiotic degradation, analytics on formulations)
  • Substance management and subcontracting of ecotoxicological and toxicological studies to renowned partner laboratories.