Custom Synthesis

Custom Synthesis of organic materials for high-tech applications using special technologies like:

  • Organometallic and low-temperature chemistry
    as well as
  • High-pressure reactions
  • totally integrated in flexible multipurpose plants
Exclusive Synthesis in industrial scale

Exclusive Syntheses for Exclusive Markets

When ever it comes to chemical reactions and industrial processes, our flexible plant design facilitates to conduct a broad variety of chemical transformations and unit operations. The small number of adjustments reduces significantly costs and time at project start. This makes scale-up processes and the synthesis of high-value chemical intermediates economically feasible. Innovations in process development and synthesis can hence be commercialised earlier and over a longer period in the market.

Organic Electronics

  • Liquid crystal building blocks in high purity
  • Materials for printed semiconductors and OLED‘s
  • Materials for batteries
  • Core competency: Efficient scale-up and process optimization

Ligands and Catalysts

  • Phosphorus-containing ligands and others (Large commercial and midsize scale)
  • Metallocenes and homogeneous catalysts
  • Low-temperature chemistry

Pharma Intermediates

  • Pilot and midsize plants for 10 kg up to tons scale offering high flexibility
  • Advanced technologies: Low-temperature, e.g. for boronic acids and high pressure reactions for e.g. chiral compounds.
  • Extended capacities for chemical process development on lab scale for contract research.

Sustainable Chemistry

  • Process development for applications of bio-based materials
  • Example: Biobased polymers, biodegradable
  • Applied technologies are hydrogenation, oxidation or purifications via rectification or crystallization


  • Piloting of new products
  • Manufacturing of test and tox quantities in a range of 100 kg up to tons per campaign
  • Large scale manufacturing at the Allessa site in Frankfurt-Fechenheim or at other sites of the WeylChem Group of Companies
Low Temperature synthesis

Special reactors with capacities of 100 l, 500 l and 1000 l can be operated via a heating/cooling circuit with an inert heat-transfer medium in the range from -100 °C to +200 °C.

Air-sensitive raw materials (e.g. Grignard-, butyl lithium-, lithium alanate-solutions, etc.) are metered from safety boxes. The reactors are DCS-controlled and equipped with on-site operator terminals. If required, they can quickly be linked to a number of conventional upstream and downstream reactors.


  • Various specialty chemicals like complex aldehydes, organic boronic acids, coupled aromatic ring systems and homogenous catalysts
  • Building blocks for API-synthesis and materials for organic electronic, …
High Pressure reactions

Many important reactions like hydroformylations, carbonylations, hydrogenations and air oxidations have to be performed often in presence of catalysts under high pressure to achieve a good conversion, selectivity and yield.

Large variety of products, e.g.:

  • Enantiomeric alcohols (e.g. based on ketones)
  • Carboxylic acid esters and amides
  • Benzoic acid derivatives

Special High Pressure Autoclaves

  • Hastelloy up to 1.6 m³ (up to 200 bar, 200 °C)
  • Stainless steel up to 1.8 m³ (up to 100 bar)
  • Glass-lined steel up to 1.0 m³ (20 bar)

Compressors and gas-supply stations

  • Carbon monoxide
  • Ethylene and Hydrogen from pipeline
  • Pre-formation and handling of air-sensitive homogenous catalysts
  • Further option: > 100 t/a hydrogenation at Allessa Production GmbH in Frankfurt-Griesheim


  • 26 lab autoclaves of 0.2 to 1 liter
  • up to 750 bar, 300 °C
  • in different materials
  • for process development


  • 7 autoclaves from 5 to 300 liter
  • up to 200 bar, 300 °C
  • in different materials
  • for scale-up and process safety
Small scale quantities in lab scale

Project Realization – Complex Reactions in Focus

WeylChem InnoTec as an highly experienced partner in chemical synthesis and process development will foster your strive for fast and efficient project realization.

WeylChem InnoTec provides R&D services in the areas of

  • Custom synthesis of organic compounds from first few grams to kilograms or even commercial ton lots
  • Multi Step synthesis while applying a broad range of
    • Chemical reaction types and 
    • Technologies      
  • Chemical process development in lab and pilot scale
    • Literature search
    • Chemical Route design
    • Route optimization
  • Process Optimization
    • Yield improvement
    • Quality improvement
    • Improvement of unit operations (e.g. filtration, rectification)
  • Scale up from g to kg quantities including
    • Development of process accompanying analytical methods
    • Assessment of MOC
    • Process safety study by RC-1 and DSC/DTA
  • High pressure reaction (up to 200 bar)
  • High- and low temperature reactions (-100 C up to 300 C)
  • Organometallic chemistry/Coupling reactions

Technical and chemical excellence together with our highly experienced, skilled team are key factor to support your project in a most successful way.
11PhD chemists, 2 chemical engineers and lab technicians, in total 80 people are working to the needs of our customers.

Try and launch an inquiry, and you will receive quick response including quotation and time schedule.

Examples of Key Technologies Used in Large Scale

  • Acylation
  • Air oxidation
  • Alkylation
  • Amination
  • Bromination
  • Carbonylation
  • Carboxylation
  • Chlorination
  • Chlorosulfonation
  • Cross coupling
  • Diazotization
  • Diels-Alder reaction
  • Formylation
  • Friedel-Crafts reactions
  • Grignard reaction
  • Hartwig-Buchwaldt coupling
  • Heck reaction
  • Hydrogenation
  • Lithium alanate reduction
  • Melt reactions at high temperatures
  • Nitration
  • Organometallic reactions, e. g. with BuLi
  • Organophosphorus chemistry
  • Polymerization or polycondensation
  • Reductive amination
  • Sodium boro-hydride reduction
  • Sulfonation (also with oleum)
  • Suzuki coupling
  • Ullmann reaction
  • etc.

Kilolab capabilities: Where commercialization starts

For a successful market launch of innovative products quantities in a range of several 100 grams to small kilograms are often required. WeylChem InnoTec with its kilolab capabilities, provides those services for intermediates that are not commercially available or for volumes that CMOs will not handle.

  • Seamless transfer of projects from early lab scale via kilo lab to pilot scale via dedicated PhD project managers and technician's
  • Broad range of reactors from 10 to 100 liter in different materials like glass, but also stainless steel and glass-lined steel
  • Quantities: several 100 g to 5 or 10 kg
  • Specialties:
    • Low temperature and organometallic chemistry from 10 to 100 liter (-100 °C)
    • High pressure chemistry: Autoclaves from 1 to 100 liter up to 200 bar
    • High viscosity 10 liter (Alpha type stirrer)

Creation of added value – crucial to success

The crucial factor for the success of a modern company is not sales but the creation of added value. For this reason, the development of new, improved active ingredients and chemicals and the optimization of their production processes are becoming increasingly important in the value chain. These, combined with fast entry into the market, are vital requirements to achieve and maintain a competitive market position. Our customers are increasingly focusing on their core areas of expertise in development, production and sales.

At Piloting, we provide the missing links from laboratory development and scale-up to pilot production. WeylChem InnoTec is a leading international service provider guaranteeing punctual delivery of products and services tailored to customer requirements. With this cooperation, our customers are able to focus their resources and rely on innovative, up-to-date chemical and technical know-how of high quality.

We are constantly testing new methods and ideas to assess their importance for our partners and make these and our modern pilot-plant equipment readily available to customers.

Our strictly confidential working relationships with customers are based on many years’ experience in process and product development and sample production.