Contract Research

Our contract research group consists of highly experienced scientists and technicians who have gathered a broad knowledge over the years especially in complex and multi stage chemical reactions, organic chemistry, industrial technologies and scale up processes.

Whenever you need support for outsourcing, speeding up and optimizing your chemical development processes and synthesis routes, we can provide you with tailormade research services e.g.:

  • Literature search
  • Evaluation and route scouting
  • Early phase lab trials, process development and optimization
  • Pilot plant trials for first 10kg to several 100kg quantities and preparation of full scale production including investigations on safety and materials of construction.
  • Whole work is done considering ISO 9001 and 14001 and ensuring full confidentiality

Benefit from our well equipped technical and analytical facilities by outsourcing your research requirements to WeylChem Innotec. Four full fledged chemical laboratories are available for providing the services you need.

Piloting & industrial scale-up

A flexible plant design enables us to conduct a broad variety of chemical transformations and unit operations (Batch reactions from 30 to 1000 l, rectification up to 44, thin film distillation, filtration, gas-liquid reactions, polymerisation reactions, various materials of construction). Small mobile units can be easily assembled as modules for equipment set up. The modular approach helps to reduce time and costs of the project.

Lab automatization and Miniplant

One of the key success factors in process development and optimisation is the high reproducibility of experiments. Various devices like Mettler RC1, Easy Max, Hitech Zang DCS are frequently used to obtain reliable research results.

Comprehensive data storage supports us to analyse and document multiple process data.

Examples of synthesis/business cases

Synthesis of initial lab quantities in the range of several grams for analytical, registration and preparative purposes.

Process development and optimisation (e.g. shortening of cycle-time, increase of yield by minimising raw material consumption, waste generation, recycling strategies).

Solvent screening and taylor-made catalyst screening to improve electivity of chemical transformations.

Supply of pilot quantities (10 to several 100 kg) material for use tests or market introduction enabeling our customers to enter next step of commercialization of their innovative products.